About me and retro

Just a short introduction of my computer history,

My first experience with a computer were when i was just 4-5 years old - around 1981/82, my dad who had bought a Commodore Vic 20. I can only recall the game Miner 2049er from the Vic 20. I recall that i wasn't any good at it, given my young age.

I'm happy my father was a curious soul, because when the Commodore 64 came to Norway in 82/83 he sold the Vic 20 and bought the 64. This machine became my biggest source of entertainment and exploration in my pre-adolescent.

In the mid 80s my father bought an XT PC. While no technically interested peers owned a Commodore 64, a friend of mine from school had a XT and from that my first large programming projects spun. While I've done a lot of tinkering on the 64, I never understood the peek and pokes that was needed to do anything serious on it. The XT and gwbasic however gave me a much richer language to play with. At that stage i didn't have any interest in lower level languages.

When the 1990 came, my parents let me buy an Amiga 500. It was my first computer. The graphics and sound was out of the world compared to my previous experiences. And i was fascinated by the amazing operating system the computer came with. a fully pre-empitive multitasking OS with features other consumer os'es at the time didn't have. And features no other OS ever got, like the ability to run applications of different resolutions simultaneously.

In the mid 90s Commodore became bankrrups and while i followed what was going on, i built a PC. Based on an AMD 486dx4-88. However, I missed the Amiga. And the Commodore 64.